Certification Criteria


1.      Request for Halaal certification must be requested in writing on an official letterhead   to [email protected]

2.      Upon receipt of request,  an application is forwarded to client. Applications may also be downloaded from the website www.islamiccouncil.co.za

3.      The completed application together with docs as requested are forwarded to the Chief Supervisor to check to see if it correct.

a.      Must include details and  I D documents of muslim personnel that will be permanently on site.

b.     Must allow random inspections to take place without prior notice.

4.      The chief Supervisor will give the completed application to an inspector .

5.      The inspector will call the client and arrange for an inspection of the site and products.

6.      The inspector goes to the site, conducts the inspection and writes up a report. Report must include a product list and or menu, stock list and supplier list.

7.      The report is forwarded to the Chief Supervisor who works out a quote.

8.      The quote is forwarded to the client.

9.      The client accepts the quote.

10.   All of the documents ie Application Form; ID document; price structure etc. are presented to the CEO for approval.

11.   The CEO approves the application form and forwards it to the Administrator to prepare the certificate and forward it to accounts.

12.   The accounts department raises the invoice.

13.   If it is a C.OD and the monies have been received by ICSA, then the certificate is delivered to the client. In some instances, the client will collect the certificate.

14.   If arrangements have been made to pay for the certificate on a monthly basis via EFT, then the certificate and invoice are delivered to the client.

15.   Regular inspections are done unannounced.

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Shop G45, 1 Dreyer Street


Contact: Nazreen Ramlal

Contact No.: 021 671 1607

Email: [email protected]

Islamic Council of South Africa (ICSA) is pleased to announce that the HOT BREAD SHOP at Food Lover’s Market, Tokai is certified and supervised by ICSA with Certificate No. 1772

Shk Thafier Najjaar on SABC Morning Live commemorating Ahmad Kathrada

World Summit, Istanbul, Turkey

December 2016:  Sheikh Najjaar

in attendance



World Summit 2016, Istanbul Turkey

Sheikh Thafier Najjaar in attendance


World Summit 2016, Istanbul Turkey

Sheikh Thafier Najjaar in attendance


TOKEID Biotech Labs.01June2016

01 June 2016: Shk Najjaar representing ICSA

at the launch of TOKEID BIOTECH LABS,

first of its kind in Africa

WHC Excom.March (3)

From Left:  Dr Sheikh Tengku Zulkarnain of Deputy Secretary,
Majlies of Uleman of Indonesia also appointed by Indonesian Government
to Manage  Halaal and Sheikh Thafier Najjaar, President, WHC

whc exco agm.2016 (2)

March 2016: WHC President: Sheikh Thafier Najjaar also met
with Mohd Shukri Abdullah of MIHAS and Br. Habib in Malaysia

WHC EXCO AGM.March 2016

Attending WHC Excom held in Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia,
From left: Sheikh Najjaar (President), Cape Town, South Africa
Abdulrahman Linzag (Vice President, Attorney) from Phillipines,
Brother Zafer Gedikli (Secretary General) from Turkey, and
Brother Habib of America